Welcome to Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

My name is Lia Kay Barrad, I am an empowered, concerned, caring person who has recently reacted to natural events in the news that made me feel less empowered and more concerned. 

I am also a take action kind of person, in a good way. So, I took my expertise in Marketing and Web Development, my connections with my local community and decided to launch this website. As the site develops there will be Inspiring Stories, Valuable Resources, Community Connections, Emergency Preparedness Tips and Hope. Always, always, always Hope. 

Our first event will be a VIRTUAL COMMUNITY EVENT - You do not need to go any where. Just click to our YouTube channel. Lunch and Learn on December 8th starting at 12 noon - 1:30. For Santa Cruz, California area, you can also find the broadcast on Santa Cruz Community TV.

Please join us on this journey. My company is Haiku Web Services. Myself and other contributors to this site have donated their time to help everyone Hope for the Best and Prepare for the Worst. Have something to share? please reach out to: hopeforthebest.info@gmail.com. Enjoy my 'Yellow Trees' watercolor painting (a hobby which helps me to relax.)